7. Werkleitz Biennale Happy Believers
Festival Program
Picture Gallery
german version
Saturday 09.09.2006

11 a.m.
exhibition guided tour

12 a.m. Weinecksaal / Cinema
Jerusalem My Love
Jeppe Rønde
DK 2003, 73 min, Danish with English subtitles

2 p.m. Weinecksaal / Cinema
Introduction by Angelika Richter

Malinovy zvon / The Sound of Malines
Alina Rudnitskaya
RU/DE 2006, 30 min, Russian with English subtitles

Sanctus, Sanctus
Thomas Werner
GDR 1988, 12 min, German

The Actors of Subliminal History
Christian Pogacean
RO 2004, 2:50 min

Sovetskaja elegija / Soviet Elegy
Alexander Sokurov
USSR 1989, 37 min, Russian with German subtitles

4 p.m. Weinecksaal
Belief in Transition
lecture by Boris Buden, Berlin
Moderation: Solvej Helweg Ovensen

6 p.m.
exhibition guided tour

8 p.m. Weinecksaal
Populist Paradise
Performance by Bernadette La Hengst, Till Müller-Klug, Cal McBride, Featuring: Knarf Rellöm, Pastor Leumund, local special guests

10:30 p.m. Weinecksaal / Cinema
Introduction by Jan Schuijren

Low Attention Span / High Curiosity Rate (Portrait of Peter Elliot)
Tiago Carneiro da Cunha
BR/GB 2000, 7 min

The Idiot
Jeroen Eisinga
NL 1999, 7 min, Dutch with English subtitles

Caitlin Hulscher
NL 1994, 2:09 min, English

Die Menschen sind töricht, sie können nicht fliegen / People Are Foolish, They Don't Know How to Fly
Jeroen Eisinga
NL 1998, 5 min, German

Qingjing Jing / Purity and Tranquility Scripture
Hung Chih Peng
TW 2004, 19:38 min

Zoals het werd geopenbaard aan Jeroen Eisinga / As It Was Revealed Unto Jeroen Eisinga
Jeroen Eisinga
NL 1998, 8 min

Curious About Existence
Emily Vey Duke & Cooper Battersby
CA 2003, 11 min, English

The Wandering Mind
Caitlin Hulscher
NL 1994, 1:54 min

Towards a Common Understanding
Doug Fishbone
US/GB 2005, 12:30 min, English

One Black / One White
Hung Chih Peng
TW 2001, 2:44 min

Naïve Melody
Kerry Tribe
US 2002, 4 min, English

Ralph Jürgen Colmar
GB 2005, 1:30 min, English

10 p.m. Happy Believers Club
Sakropop „When using a beat band, the volume should be considerate to the congregation!"
commented Djing by Frank Apunkt Schneider, Bamberg (monochrom)

followed by / followed by
DJ Bigbork, Halle & DJ Beatnik, Weimar

Curious About Existence

Episodic in nature, Curious About Existence reacts ultimately against an uninspired but prevailing acceptance of moral terms. It begins with a song of worship, an ode to the looming nastiness of our organic existence. A celebration of disorder and entropy, the opening song seems borne of a curiosity about the possibilities of joy and freedom. In a more light-hearted segment, a squirrel and beaver converse about how everybody feels bad a lot of the time, which is compounded by the stupid things they do as a result. Richard Wagner's wife, Cosima, in excerpts from her letters to Nietzsche, more eloquently characterizes these stupid things. "Treat your impulses as a comedy that wants to entertain you, not a doctrine to be followed," she writes. By enjoying the spectacle of the river creatures' conversation, we are guided through another chapter of anxiety about shame with the opportunity for impunity. (Jennifer Hsu)

Central to the autobiographical video work of Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby is the focus on the self-image, a handling of simplicity and an attempt at interacting with the viewer. The pair's actions are searching in nature and relate to the performance and the monologue. At times raw, sometimes amusing, but always introspective and radical, reduction and identification form the key techniques in their shared work. Their actions, anecdotes or malaises gain several layers of meaning if the viewer looks at them through the spectacles of personal experience. In this manner Vey Duke and Battersby comment on human relationships, existential problems, boredom or the fear of losing the other, with humour and lucidity.